Coconut water during last mth of pregnancy despite GD

Hi all, I have gestational diabetes. Hope to ask if any of u drink lots of coconut water during last mth of pregnancy despite having gestational diabetes? Apparently it's good for baby right? Thanks in advance!

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I had GD, but I drank fresh coconut drink starting on week 35 (twice a week) when I was still tracking my glucose level. Based on the readings, my glucose level was still within the recommended range. I drank after meal and cut down my carbohydrates intake for the meal. It works for me. You may try if you're still tracking your glucose level.

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for my 1st pregnancy, about 2 to 3x weekly from last 3 weeks from week 35 to 38. for 2nd preg, only managed to drink 2 full cups right in labour suite coz bb premature want to come out at week 35... got clearance from gynae to eat chocolate cake plus 2 cups coconut water few hours before bb comes out.

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Took Natural Birth classes before. The Doula mentioned that throughout pregnancy it is beneficial to consume Organic coconut oil and during labour coconut water due to its electrolytes which can kinda help to boost your stamina.

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Honestly, it’s not proven to be good for baby. It’s an old wives’ tale. The blood sugar does affect baby though, for real. Would be safer to stay away from the sweet coconut water in your case:) all the best for the last trim!

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Thanks so much babe for the prompt reply! U stay safe and happy too! ❤

I consume Virgin Coconut Oil instead and good to take especially during last trimester. Its does help with very smooth delivery, no stretch-mark. you may google about the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil.

i have GD and I only drink one time before baby is out. you dont need to drink lots of it. just 1 is enough at the nearer EDD.

I have GD as well. Checked with the dietician not recommended. It’s just hydrating like sports drink.

I had GD and i did not even take coconut water at all. Baby came out fine too.

I have gd and didn’t drink. It’s an old wife tale.