I have been trying to latch my newborn yet he refuses. It's been 3 days since his last latch. His now 19 days old. What will I do for him to latch back to me? He actually likes milk that overflows, not like my boobsies where there is just enough milk. #advicepls

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First of all, don't lose hope and don't give up. It takes 4-6 weeks to establish breastfeeding. Always Offer breast before bottle every feeding. Reposition and switch breast for every unsuccessful latch. Try pinching you're nipples when attempting to make him latch. Keep trying even if he cries (it's going to be frustrating so be patient). Offer bottled milk for a second then immediately offer your breast again. Last resort lang dapat ang bottle. Be patient. Once he got used to your breast he won't latch back to bottle.

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