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I have been pumping for about 2 months. Recently, I pump for 5mins and subsequently very little or no milk flow out when I pump. Breast becomes soft already. Any one has encountered this before? Any solutions/advice to share? #pumping

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I had a infection at 14 month pp. my supply from over supply to only 6 Oz a day.after I recover what I did was doing lots of nursing and skin to skin with my baby I managed to get my supply back to just nice for my baby. maybe you wanna try skin to skin too?

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I took avocado last time and it works. Red date milk is good too can buy from supermarket

are you taking malunggay supplements? and increase your fluid intake especially water..

2y ago

hi! maybe you might want to look at how many times u pump/latch per day.. as a guide, you will need to pump at 6-8times if baby not latching. also drink lots of water. try power pump at least 2 times a day as well to boost your supply. you might want to try some lactation products that have galactogogues in them, one product that works for me is BC Hot Mama lactation hot chocolate, can check out their IG @hazel.bcmama 👍