I've been having severe eczema since the first tri of pregnancy. I've seen a dermatologist who prescribed me steroid cream & antihistamine but it continues to spread. What else can I try?

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Good skincare routine could help with strengthening the skin’s defective barrier. You can try to practice these: - regular and frequent moisturizing (at least twice a day, best to apply moisturizers 5 mins after a shower for best absorption) - avoid long and hot showers (keeping bathing time to around 10 mins if possible) - dabbing, instead of rubbing, dry skin after a shower - switch to milk cleansers and avoid harsh soaps and products containing fragrances Do these on top of the steroid cream prescribed, as you need the cream to treat the symptoms. Here’s an article on eczema that you may find informative: http://www.ezyhealth.com/magazine/eczema/

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If you're keen to try a natural remedy, coconut oil is pretty good with soothing eczema woes. A thin layer of coconut oil will cool the itching and ease the pain caused by eczema. My future sister in law had eczema when she was younger and she would take magnesium baths. Add half a cup of epsom salts and another half of Himalayan salt to your warm bath. She would soak in the bath during the frigid winters because that's when her eczema will act up, seems to have helped.

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