I have always believing in co sleeping up to ages 2 plus. Thereafter, I have manage to let my older kids transit to their own room. But now it's my #3 turn as he is turning 3. And it's a tall order to get him to sleep in his own room. I am at my wit's end. I even tried using his older siblings but to no avail.

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Here are some tips on how to get your child to sleep in his/her own bedroom: - Do it gradually: children hardly take well to sudden changes. Introduce the idea first before slowly implementing it. You can try having him take his naps in his room first and slowly getting him to sleep there at night as well. - Establish a routine: have them dressed and ready for bed in their own room. Settle them early so that they will feel comfortable - Create a nice and cozy bed: this makes going to sleep in their own rooms a pleasant experience. Have their favourite blanket or stuffed toy with them. - Be firm: when the child goes looking for his/her parents in the parents room, bring the child back to sleep in their own room for the rest of the night. - Find out if the child is afraid of anything: children are very imaginative and may be afraid of “monsters” in their rooms. Make a show of getting rid of the “monsters” and have a soft nightlight in the room may help alleviate their fears. - Stay with them: stay in their room till they fall asleep. Key is not to interact with them after the bedtime story is told so that they would learn that it’s time for time to sleep. You can also try getting him excited by bringing him on a shopping trip to buy things for his bed. A new pillow, bolster, or blanket? Just an action to mark it as a special event to make the transition “special” and “unique”. I find that most children love to think that they are part of something exclusive (actually the same applies for adults too.. haha). Not sure if it will work, but hope it may inspire you a little. All the best!!

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