i have an 11 mth old and will be due to deliver #2 next mth. i have yet to prepare anything for #2. can mummies with babies 1 year apart share how u prepare for the second one? do i need to get another rocker, cot, more milk bottle storage, etc? wld it be necessary to get a tandem stroller or do u babywear the older one while the newborn gets to sit in the current stroller that u have for #1?

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I think you will probably need more bottles. Cot would be whether you intend to co-sleep with the newborn and also depends on what is your current sleeping arrangement with your firstborn. If your firstborn is still using the rocker, you may also need to consider getting another one to avoid your firstborn from getting jealous that his/her things are being taken away. Tandem strollers would be convenient in future if the need arises. But like what Vanessa mentioned, may be good to see how your children like being in the stroller. Guess one important thing to get is a gift from the baby to his/her elder sibling. And also one from the elder one to the newborn. All the best Mummy!!! Hope you can get as much rest as you can possibly get now!

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