Drinking water

I hate drinking plain water! Help ?

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Drink lightly flavoured water. In my first trimester, I drank lotsa orange juice and diluted lemonade, lemon tea etc.. Come 2nd trimester, I love my milk and plain water.

Add lemon slice inside. Will make it better :) I don’t like to drink plain water too but we need to! 💪🏻

Fruit juice, milk, milo. And eat more fruits coz they can provide hydration as well

Super Mum

how about putting different varieties of fruit slices inside from time to time

I always add a little bit of Ribena esp when I’m feeling nauseous haha

Can get sugarless sparkling water and chill in fridge

Drink soup or add in some fruits. It helps better.

Add some fruits in? Fruit infused water

Add lemon or mint leaves to it

Add lemon