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I am going to break the news to our families. I am keen to know How did your family react when you told them about your pregnancy? Did you use any event to break the news?

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My parents thought that i packed them a digital thermometer in the first place!! Until they realised its actually a pregnancy test!!😂😂😂 my in laws we just video called them as its late night and we were so excited to tell them!! Well tbh its a lil stressful when they wanted a girl but my parents side dnt mind the gender! As long as baby is healthy and mum is happy!!

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i used the one that looked like covid test so my mom and brothers thought i got covid again(i just recovered like 3 weeks before). but when they realised they were really happy. 1st grandkid and nephew for them. all other families were excited too cause my cousin was also pregnant (we're very close).

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Don’t expect, then you won’t have disappointments (if you’re hoping for them to be wow). For mine, dad was really excited, the rest was oh is it, congratulations take care. I didn’t do any event, just WhatsApp 😂

Showed my mum my first scan over dinner & she screamed “PREGNANT AH?!” She was overjoyed at her first grandkid, but when it came to my second one, all she said was “Huh again?”

My MIL n Mum both were like Oh! (Can’t be bothered) MIL’s reaction changed when she heard they were twins.. Mum’s reaction only changed when they were borned.. 😅

Husband & I were trying for 4 years, our families were over the moon by the news. We just showed them our Ultrasound Scans. 😊

My NIPT tests came back last year new year eve so we took the chance to tell our parents n siblings the good news over dinner!

I simply called and texted. My family were happy but no major excitement. Haha

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