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Can I get pregnant immediately after I stop using Depo-Provera? I was due for another shot last Feb 18 but hubby didnt like the effects of depo so instead I took pills. Then immediately, the next day, I almost collapsed we concluded na side effect sa pill yon so I stopped taking it. We opted natural contraception nalang which is withdawal. But today accidentally nakalimot si hubby kaya napasok sa loob. After the depo, i had my menstruation last week of feb. Then last march 9 to march 13. Just two days ago, I tried to use a pregnancy kit just to see if we were effective in out contraception. But now my question is, will I get pregnant because of our contact today and napasok ni hubby yung semen? Thanks po. Btw, I have an infant, 5 months old and I am breastfeeding. After giving birth, a month after bumalik na yung mens ko thats why nag depo ako.

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I used Depo-Provera.. base on my experience once you stopped using it, count ka ng 9months.. after that possible ka ng mabuntis.. kung sexually active kayo ni husband.. In my experience, I used it for around 3yrs.. then I used pills because I do really wanted to have regular menstruation.. then after 8 months of using pills I stopped because we wanted to have a baby.. the next month after...I conceived.. :) Team September here.. :)

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I only got one shot of depo maam. Nine months pa din ba ang count? Sexually active kami ni hubby. Vacay kasi.