I gave birth in April 2018. Been breastfeeding since then till now. But for the month of July, my menses is late. Is it possible to not get my menses due to breastfeeding? Or am I pregnant? Cos when I did the pregnancy test, it came out negative. My last menses is last month (June).

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hi dear, not to worry. its because u r fully breastfeeding. when i had my #3, my menses came only days after her first birthday. im currently breastfeeding my 14mths old (#4) and night feeds for my 3yr old (#3). my menses have yet to come since after birth. its normal. 😚 but if u r concern, do go to ur nearest gp or poly and heed doc's advice 😊

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its entirely possible to be irregular when one is breastfeeding. I was in fact. however please don't count on this to have unprotected sex either if you are not planning to have another one soon 😆

4y ago

but I am planning to have another. How do I know when am I ovulating etc if its irregular?

Breastfeeding is not a guaranteed birth control method and it is possible to get pregnant soon after birth. How much delayed are your periods? Best to take a pregnancy test soon.


im breastfeeding my baby...my menses came every month but last month however it didnt come..so i when to get it check ..ooohhh im preggy...my num 5🤦

3y ago

Peeweeet! Congrats baybeh!

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You can still get pregnant whilst breastfeeding. Please get a pregnancy test