not sexually attracted

hi! I feel like after I got pregnant my husband don't feel sexually attracted to me or in a romantic sexual way. he used to be so romantic and always complimenting me but now he don't anymore especially when I'm fully his and pregnant. We don't make out anymore like how we used to and I am very sad and disappointed. cause before we got married he was all out and so lovey dovey to me but now he is not. I've tried to wear nice clothes for him and do things for him but he doesn't seem to notice it. I am just sad and disappointed and scared. Cause I do know that he look at other ladies out there when I am out with him and also he notices that guys out there looked at me and he will get jealous and threatened them, so idk what's going on here.. I just missed that moments and I think he just bored of me. Ive tried to talk things out and work things out but its not working. Its always a promised but then promises will always be broken. Newlywed and pregnant

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