Kopi can or not

Can I drink coffee ?

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Ya definitely can if we are healthy and drink in moderation

Not too much!!

In moderation

I used to drink a cup of morning coffee daily but have stopped. (My gynae says it's ok to drink though). Just bought a bottle of decaffeinated coffee powder, but also afraid to drink too much of it because of the Google results and suggestions that showed up when I searched 'drink decaf coffee during pregnancy'. Urgh, 😩

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I didn't drink any...

Can. Dun worry be happy. A cup of coffee won’t harmed

Try not to if really want, jus limit to 1 cup per day.

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Can but in moderation

Deifintely can! It's a myth that pregnant women can't drink. Always, always in moderation - not more than 2 cups

Can but in moderation