I dont know if my LO is full during breastfeeding. Latching was good. Everytime my LO breastfeed she will fall asleep and look very full. But after a few min she want it again and fell sleep. This repeating routine can take almost 2 hrs. After that 2 hrs she still want more milk and cry out loud till she refuse to latch, and i have to give her my bm through bottle. Is this normal? Thanx!

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Super Mum

Learnt today from antenatal class that u need to wake LO to continue latching. Else she will get lazy and want bottle feeding (faster)

Yes its nomral... My 1 mnth also liddat

3y ago

As for me i monitor him, i usually bf him every 1 or 2 hours for 20 mins. But depends also for other LO.

How old is ur LO?

3y ago

1month plus.