Hi i am currently pregnant with identical twins and i am considering private cord blood banking. I have read about the pros and cons of banking, so i am undecided if i should bank, and if so for one or both of my kids. Any advice? Also, i heard that public cord blood banks reject twins' cord blood donation. Anyone has any idea why?

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Congrats on having twins! Personally I didn't donate the bank or donate my child's cord blood as I was told that doing so would not allow me to have delayed cord clamping which I preferred to do as I think the benefits of delayed cord clamping overrides the pros of cord banking (which is basically like insurance right?) I think you just need to understand the pros and cons of donating/banking and see which resonates with you and your parenting beliefs. I've not heard of the public bank rejecting twins cord blood. Perhaps best to call them up and ask why.

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5y ago

Thanks for ur reply! I have never heard abt delayed cord blood clamping.. will go and read up more! Thanks alot :)