12 Weeks Pregnant and bleeding

I am currently pregnant at 12 weeks through IVF , yesterday there were a bit of bleeding when i go to the toilet. But today when i woke up the bleeding stopped and brown discharge was visible each time i go to the toilet. Is it normal to bleed at 12 weeks pregnant ? There were cramps as well but only mild cramps and bearable. #advicepls #pleasehelp #firstbaby

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I don't know how much bleeding you're have but I do have quite a number spotting ( blood when wipe) episodes with ivf pregnancy. Although gyne gave me this look 😒 and said on and off light spotting is normal for pregnancy in the first trimester, I would recommend you to go O& G and have a scan just to be sure. 😅If just threatened miscarriage then gyne would likely up your progesterone pill or give u an injection ( although both doesn't work for me 😏).

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5mo ago

Some random gynae in A&E O&G. Probably overworked or had seen worst. I was already in tears that time (past miscarriage made me kinda paranoid), he pointed on the diagram and asked me on how much blood soak on pad and I replied just a wipe 😅Anyway, at least I got a scan and my cervix checked.

hi, I had some bleeding/spotting in my first trimester too in my first pregnancy. sometimes reddish, sometimes brownish, but no more than a pantyliner. FTM so I was frightened and went to O&G, doctor says baby fine, probably just irritation of the cervix or blood flow increase. It went on for 2 weeks. my son is now 2.5 😊

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Yes should not wait n do nothing. Seek your gynae advise . I went thru ivf too and when bleeding we will go to the clinic immediately to take a progesterone jab from the gynae. Don’t leave it to any chance . Bleeding isn’t really normal in pregnancy like what u found n mentioned in google search

5mo ago

thankyou for your reply will get it check ASAP.

You may want to see your gynae or go to the O&G Centre to check on the baby. Bleeding and cramps are worrying. Best to get checked ASAP sis! Hope everything will turn out all right for you.

5mo ago

thankyou for your reply will get it check ASAP..

Definitely see your gynae for a check, especially if bleeding increases . Bleeding can be normal as along as baby is fine.

5mo ago

thankyou for your reply will get it check ASAP...