12 Weeks Pregnant and bleeding

I am currently pregnant at 12 weeks through IVF , yesterday there were a bit of bleeding when i go to the toilet. But today when i woke up the bleeding stopped and brown discharge was visible each time i go to the toilet. Is it normal to bleed at 12 weeks pregnant ? There were cramps as well but only mild cramps and bearable. #advicepls #pleasehelp #firstbaby

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I don't know how much bleeding you're have but I do have quite a number spotting ( blood when wipe) episodes with ivf pregnancy. Although gyne gave me this look 😒 and said on and off light spotting is normal for pregnancy in the first trimester, I would recommend you to go O& G and have a scan just to be sure. 😅If just threatened miscarriage then gyne would likely up your progesterone pill or give u an injection ( although both doesn't work for me 😏).

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6mo ago

Some random gynae in A&E O&G. Probably overworked or had seen worst. I was already in tears that time (past miscarriage made me kinda paranoid), he pointed on the diagram and asked me on how much blood soak on pad and I replied just a wipe 😅Anyway, at least I got a scan and my cervix checked.