i am currently 17 weeks now and i start to feel the baby is moving/kicking, is it a good thing?

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you are lucky to already feel baby kicks at 17 weeks! other mummies doesnt get to feel it until 20 weeks or abit later 😬

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hi what does it feel like! I'm 16 weeks now and just feeling gas and bubbles 🤣

9mo ago

im a first time mum and usually people said that if you are a first time mum you will start to feel baby kicks abit later but that depends on each individually because for me i start to feel it when im at 18 weeks! i was looking at my stomach for no reason and i saw something pop and then i try to monitor it again. after a few minutes i saw it again and managed to record a video. it feels like a little waves. should i say that? hahah but eventually when you reach around 20 weeks or so you can start to feel the baby kicks already

of course it is a good thing to feel the baby kicking!