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Hi can I check something? Recently I got a renovation loan from CIMB bank. Got a call from them informing approved loan and a free credit card. I know that one of the requirements to have credit card is to earn an annual salary of $30,000 but mine is lower than that and don't think I am eligible. So can I still use the credit card?

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my husband also same as u. he gotten the cc but i told him not to use cos i dont like idea of having CC. 😂 u can call them up to know more abt the CC. easier to get thru them than other banks. probably because only a few ppl using them.

3mo ago

Yes true because once you use you keep swiping at the end of month shock with the bill 😂

The requirements are for them to screen applicants, but if you are invited to it you can bypass that requirement. It'll be good to set a low credit limit on the card to manage your expenses if you are uncomfortable.

Yes ah. It’s been issued to you so you can use. They probably give u because you took up a loan.


quite common, you can call the bank hotline if you want to confirm