Normal for 1st Trimester???

I cannot even smell of what my Mother-in-law cooks? As I am staying with in-Laws. Cannot even do cooking. I having headaches, nauseous (even vomitting) & backache. Trying to eat well. Always sleepy & lethargy... #FirstPregnancy

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These are normal symptoms during 1st trimester. I’ve experienced it too! I stay with my mum and she does the cooking. During my 1st tri, even when she stir fry veggies with garlic I cannot stand the smell. I always want to eat food that are very flavorful but after eating I end up throwing everything up. I guess it’s just your body responding to having another human in you. Don’t worry! Most mum to be go thru this. You’re not alone! It’ll get better in your 2nd trimester hopefully!

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