Normal for 1st Trimester???

I cannot even smell of what my Mother-in-law cooks? As I am staying with in-Laws. Cannot even do cooking. I having headaches, nauseous (even vomitting) & backache. Trying to eat well. Always sleepy & lethargy... #FirstPregnancy

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These are normal symptoms during 1st trimester. I’ve experienced it too! I stay with my mum and she does the cooking. During my 1st tri, even when she stir fry veggies with garlic I cannot stand the smell. I always want to eat food that are very flavorful but after eating I end up throwing everything up. I guess it’s just your body responding to having another human in you. Don’t worry! Most mum to be go thru this. You’re not alone! It’ll get better in your 2nd trimester hopefully!

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Yes. Morning sickness :) try to rest more during first trim. I only had morning sickness for 1 month plus , but wasn’t that bad at all. Felt much better and stopped during 2nd trim. whenever I feel like vomiting, i drank chocolate milk ! 😂 I can’t take strawberry milk or eat fishball. Try and error w some snacks/drinks so I know which helps me 😁 Maybe you can try sour plum sweets/snacks / milk or any snacks that helps w your vomiting 😉

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4mo ago

Great!!! Np :) enjoy your pregnancy! 😇

Me too! I stay with my in-laws as well and my MIL cooks everyday. I had a phase when I found cooking smells really hard to bear and I realised staying in the room and closing the door helps. I also told my in-laws that I would feel nauseous when I smell food cooking and will close the room door in case they wonder. This phase will pass! Just try to eat what you can stomach and have plenty of rest in the meantime(:

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omg.. me too!! I'm at my 37 weeks and I can't smell belacan and durian those smelly food but i used to loveeeeeee them but now whatever cookings with belacan in it, I will sit my room and let my mil to finish cooking and of cos let the smell go away then I will go out from my room. I feel bad but I cannot later I vomit. luckily mil understand hehe

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Don’t worry its normal. I’m staying with my in-laws and I cannot smell her cooking also. Makes me vomit. So I explained to her nicely that I’ll stay in the room most of the time. She was pretty understanding. I couldn’t even eat rice or the regular malay dishes in first trim. It got better in my second trim.

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Yes! I can't stand the smell of cooking either, makes me gag. Maybe communicate with your in laws that this makes you ill and reduce the cooking to maybe just steaming and boiling?

Same here. I needed to hide in my room when my MIL cooked. Eventually I got my husband to gently tell her that I’ll be ordering in instead. She was understanding, thankfully.

I'm in my 3rd trimester and still can't stand the smell of cooking