31 weeks pregnancy

May I ask when can I apply for baby bonus or must I wait until I give birth?currently 31 weeks

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I registered 8 wks (Literally open 8x7 days = 56 days) from edd cos that was the requirement , cos scared i forget. In the end, still need update with birth cert, so yeah best to wait till give birth and apply one shot.

Hi, I asked around and they said you’ll need your baby’s birth cert for all the applications so I think best to wait till you give birth and settle all at one go.

U will need your baby’s birth date and birth cert number so best to wait till u give birth since you won’t have those details now.

You can apply now, but it will most probably be issued after birth 😊

I applied on 32 weeks 1 day!

6mo ago

ok I shall try next week..cos they ask my edd..mine is October so need to wait few more weeks before applying