When will i know baby gender?

Can i ask doc to see at near 4 weeks? Or 3.5 weeks?

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If urs is a singleton u may try the Nipt blood test at wk11 like that. Accuracy is 99%. Its amazing that bb dna goes into mummy's blood. But that said, i have a fren who didn't manage to know the sex despite doing nipt, n somehow she belong to the rare few who can't detect bb sex. If this fails then have to wait for wk20 detailed scan to check tru ultrasound.

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You can find also find out the gender during NIPT test as well, there’s an option to opt in to know gender without extra charges. NIPT test happens when you are around 11-12 weeks, results come in 2 weeks.

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😂😂 the earliest is if u take NIPT test at around 10+ weeks? otherwise through usual ultrasound maybe ard 20ish weeks?

hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i wish i cn know that early too but nooooo you have to wait longer.

20 Weeks will know gender

at 20 weeks

20 weeks