I am planning to send my child to childcare when she turns 18m. Is there any preventive measures like taking health supplements?

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I have done similar research if I should give my LO a multi-vitamin in order to boost his immunity when he heads to preschool. It seems experts disagree amongst themselves - some feel that most vitamins and minerals are already present in common foods and there is no need to. In any case, experts all agree that as long as the vitamin does not exceed the recommended dietary allowance; it should be all good. http://www.babycenter.com/0_the-lowdown-on-childrens-vitamins_64355.bc?showAll=true As to the type of health supplements to give, any multi-vitamin should be good. Chewable and liquid vitamins make it easier to give an 18 month old, that's for sure :) Meanwhile, a variety of fruits and vegetables together with fish and lean meat and lots of healthy nuts and seeds will help in the long-run as well. Hope these tips help!

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