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I am about to send my 5 month old baby to Sparkletots infant care next month and worried about her sleeping n eating schedule at ifc. Do ifc help to follow individual time schedule if we provide? Any parents with children in Sparkletots can share experience? Also does the school give parents daily update of child (i know private ones do) TIA.

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Not sure about sparkletots. Mine goes to mfs. They have their own eating (solid food) schedule. Around 8.30 is bf, 11 lunch, and 2.30 snack. As for milk and sleeping schedule it will depend on the baby itself. My baby usually gets milk at 1pm, and another before he sleeps, normally around 4pm. Then he’ll sleep till about 6. And yes, they do provide updates daily. Like what time he sleeps, what time he poops, how many times poop.

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11mo ago

thanks for sharing. did you give school the milk n sleeping schedule at first to follow? or it develop naturally at school so? i hope pcf does the same with providing daily updates