Gestational Diabetic

I am 33week preg, dr wants to start insulin every night as my pre meal abit high. Target supposely 5.5, mine abit high like 5.7. I refuse to start cos i can't jab myself. I don mind people jab me take my blood or operate but not ME INJECTING MYSELF. Yah the needle is short and tiny but so what my hand can't inject myself. Anyone got GDM please share with me about your experient. I will find a way to jab if my blood sugar is around 6.0. I follow their diet and DR say my baby is small this GDM is causing me sad and stress???

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Huh.. 5.7 on insulin already? Mine’s higher than that, did diet control.. no need insulin leh. You meant the 7-times a day jab issit? That’s not insulin, but just normal blood sugar check

3y ago

The 7 times i know is the blood glucose test i been doing it 2 times aweek it is because my pre meal is abit high they wanted to start insulin. I refuse and i will decide next week visit.