I am 11 weeks pregnant and my stomach is bloated. Is it normal? Any home remedies?

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Yes for my first trimester. Was lucky to not have any morning sickness, but I feel extremely bloated esp after every meal. Thankfully it was only a phase and everything was okay again at the start of second trimester. My only advice is not to eat too much at every meal, take more smaller meals and give your digestive system time to slowly digest.

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Bloatedness and constipation is normal during pregnancy. It’s because pregnancy hormones slow down the natural movement in your gut that makes the air and contents travel slower and build up in your abdomen. Just make sure to drink lots of clear fluids and eat a lot of fiber (fruits, oats, cereals) to help with your bowel movement.

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Yep, very normal! Try drinking more warm water ◡̈ Congrats on your pregnancy too! Don’t forget to join the 2019 edd group. Can check with other mummies their symptoms and make new mummy friends whose edd are around the same time as you ◡̈ Next time pop alr can arrange play date!

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Same here.. Bloated and Acid Reflux.. Mabilis ako magutom pero mabilis din ako mabusog.. Ang hirap ng feeling after kumain.. Kahit konti lang kinain ko parang super full yung feeling.. Grabe.. Im 11 weeks also for my 2nd child.. Sana sa 2nd tri wala ng acid reflux and bloated feeling..

I feel nausea and bloated for the whole of Trim 1 and lose 2kg.. doctor say I’m doing fine just pregnancy hormones are high. Doctor say if able to take protein try ur best to take. To avoid dehydration drink 100 Plus if taking water makes u feel nausea. Stay positive

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Feeling the same here too,it’s so annoying but i know it’s natural. I also feel very tired even if i stayed at home and do little chores,i felt naseous also and it’s really frustrating 🥺

2y ago

Hindi naman na po sis,much better na po ngayon nawala na nausea and vomiting,diziness nalang sometimes 😊

Yes, it still is like this for me now that I’m in week 21. What I’ve been doing: 1. Eat smaller and more frequent meals 2. Take prenatal probiotics to aid digestion 3. Drink water with some lemon if it gets really bad

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its my first trimester and most of pregnant feel the morning sickness but me was different, i feel afternoon sickness, every afternoon i feel nausea and bloated its really frustrating😥

1y ago

me tooo ! always at night. adding heartburn too .its uncomfortable

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I get spotting untill now im 11weeks now how long can stop this im so worried 😔😔😔 i go already in my ob said im going to get miscarriage but she gave me med to get me better... But im really2 worried😢😢😢

3y ago

Get rest sis. If your ob gave you a medicine that can hold your baby dont hesitate it will help a lot. Prevent walking standing too much. Get bed rest