No symptoms during first trimester

Isit weird to not have any symptoms? I’m on week 6 and the first few weeks, i have sore boobs on and off. Now, no symptoms. Could it be its still early in the first trimester? FTM here so am worried! #firstbaby

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I think it should be normal and yes, week 6 is too early to experience more symptoms. It all depends on one's body. Few experience too many symptoms for few it's easy. For me it was neither easy nor hard. I use to feel a bit of nausea (but never vomited) and tiredness but all started around week 8. Sore breasts is one symptom that usually everyone experience when we conceive. You may wait for 1 or 2 weeks to see more symptoms. But do visit the doctor to start on important medication. Earlier you start better it will be. But it's OK to not experience any symptoms. I have seen few friends who didn't have any symptoms and delivered a healthy child.

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Its normal I have no idea i was pregnant until i am in my second trimester