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My husband is unemployed so I am the only one working. My salary has become lesser because I changed my job position due to heavy workload of my previous position. So every month I feel very tired having to pay for bills (phone bills, hospital bills, food, allowance for parents etc.) And my husband isn't helping because he always want to spend on his fishing stuffs. Until now I am going labour soon and haven't even have enough money to buy breastpump tube, baby shampoo, nursing bra, sign up post natal massage, confinement packages...Sian 🤧#1stimemom #complain #tired #life

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Ask him, is spending time on fishing stuff give him income? And I saw your reply about booster.. I am not sure how much would it cost but it definitely a excuse if he’s not getting (remember it getting vaccinated is also to protect u and baby), furthermore SG is quite reasonable on this as compared to western countries. If he still doesn’t change after e jab or discard his fishing stuff den please reconsider for yours and baby’s future.. Still positive mummy-to-be! 💪🏻 P.S.: post natal massage is not a must, perhaps u can drop this..

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If hes not helping, then it's time to leave him. he doesn't even care abt your needs, which should be his priority as a husband, not who is wrking. and he has d audacity to buy his fishing stuff with his heavily pregnant wife????? dont have anymore kids with him pls. run while you cn.

Feel u. Be strong and look forward to another new live in ur life. Be positive no mater how tough it will be. Spare a sec and talk openly to your hubby about whats the plan will be for the baby. His/her future is the priority to work on. It will be challenging but a joyful one. 😌

I'm so sorry to hear this. If your husband still needs you to baby sit him when you are working solely, returned him to his mother. You are his wife not his mother, u have no responsibility to take care or feed him 😓

If he can't work in Singapore, ask him to go back to his home country to find work and send money to you.

Stay strong lady. Your husband should step up and find any work first. Prayers for u and baby!

1mo ago

He's not able to because he's short term visit pass. And yet to get booster jab so the long term pass have to wait. I'm just afraid the price for booster jab for foreigners will be expensive 😰

Talked to your husb. He should get a job even if its part time.

1mo ago

The booster won't be very expensive. Have you tried calling the clinics near you to check the price for paid vaccination? Also, Short term visit passholders can take the vaccines. Check the price (if needed) and ask him go for the booster. Don't let him use it as an excuse not to work.

I’m sorry to hear that. You deserve the world mama