Am i Pregnant?

Hi . my husband and i are TTC. I've missed my period for 3 days and till date i am still having white discharge instead of my period coming. I've been feeling nausea 1 week before my period as well. I tested with the pregnancy kit 1 day after i missed my period and it was negative. Am i testing too early? *note my period has been very regular. Recently i've been taking the Blackmores Conceive Well as well, i saw some use mentioning that this will cause delay in the period? Can somebody advise me. Thanks!

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Was practically 4 weeks (counting for last first day period) when i started feeling sick. Thought it was normal as everyone around me was sick . My period is also regular and usually late for only 2/3 days. After a week i still dont get better and period still havent came. Checked when i missed my second period and turned out pisitive😇

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3y ago

Nice!!! You missed period for 2 months?


You typically wont feel nauseous so early on during pregnancy. I only started at about week 7. My pregnancy symptoms were breast pains, frequent urination esp at night. You may want to wait longer before testing again. All the best!

3y ago

Nice!!! Thank you!! 😘

Hi there, we were once a TTC couple too. For both pregnancy i waited till 6 weeks after LMP. So give urself maybe another week?? Gd luck n lotz of baby dust to u 😘

3y ago

Thank you!!! 😊😊😊❤️

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Dont worry, test again in 3 days time. White discharge after missed period is a sign that you might have conceived. All the best!

2y ago

So what's the outcome?

Wait for a few days more before taking a pregnancy test kit again :)

3y ago