My husband and I have been trying for a baby for almost a year. We are considering tcm. What's the success rate and what are the risks?

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firstly, there is good chance of success but it depends on the couple's baseline/starting point too. also depends on how long and closely they follow the treatment. indeed western iui or if is very fast but that is a different process and cost altogether. u are encouraged to go tcm if you have been trying consecutively for 6 months or 1 year(if the female is above 33). TCM industry is regulated in singapore so as long as its a proper tcm practitioner, there is ZERO risk. just don't try to self medicate

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TCM is a ttaditional way to regulate your body system. It is a rather slow process as it may take months or even years depending on your body. My friend went through tcm and conceived within 2 yrs. Another of my friends went through iui, another alternative to ivf. She was conceived the next month. However, tcm doesnt guarantee success rate. It all depends on yours and ur spouse's health.

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See a doctor to check if there’s any underlying health issues between the two of you.