IUD or Implanon?

Me and hubby are in our early 20s. Alrdy got 2 kids. 3 year old girl and 6 month old boy. We are contented that we're bless with a pair. If can, I want to stop at 2 and focus on raising my 2 kids and give them the best life that I've never had. I wanna return to the workforce. Hubby also agree tbat we are not ready for #3 yet. How do I go about to take the birth control? Payable thru medisave or no?

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i’ve had the implanon inserted before i discharged from kkh after i gave birth. it should be claimable, can just give kkh a call and ask ☺️

U can go for the 3m jab at polyclinic for the time being while considering. From what i heard IUD , male will feel different during sex.

try the 3m jab... tats easier than pills....but these treatments are not covered by medisave...

Birth control patch so far so good

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Can ask GP for advice

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Use condom?

2y ago

in long run it’s a waste of money & iud/implant is less of a hassle