How true this is, but how do we make Singaporean parents understand that early childhood is not about learning primary school syllabus in advance ? #parenttown

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I'd say it starts from you, me and everyone else on this topic - it seems like there's a lot of support here, and honestly, it's one of those things where we need our voices heard! Even if you can't change the minds of other parents, change your own so your child can benefit from you. We need to raise our children with the frame of mind where academics isn't everything - figuring out what they like, giving them time to learn through play and understanding their language is! I believe every child has a different way to communicate with his/her parents, and it's up to us to understand how our children communicate with us - when they're happy, when they're frustrated, when they're sad - without that, it doesn't matter even if you have the top student in the cohort because one wrong step without our guidance/support and they'd be gone.

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