Sleep Issues

How old was your child when they start skipping their afternoon nap? And if they skip their nap, what time do you get them to sleep at night?

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my 27 months wakes up around 8am and nap from 1 to 3pm. then ko by 10pm... sleep is impt for their brain development... I always have a wake up n sleep routine that my son follows.

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My toddler is 2.5 yo but he has yet to skip his afternoon nap. In fact, he still naps in school. I believe naps are omitted only when they are in kindergarten, likely 5yo

My LO once skipped his nap when there was a visitor (on a weekend) , I put him to sleep as early as 7pm that night , and he woke up 8.30am the next day .

i toddler stop napping when he is around 2yrs old.. (when he is hm).however he does nap when he is in sch.

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around 1 yo