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how old do you stop formula milk for lo? DD is 15months and she drinks 150-180ml of milk, either 4 hourly or 6 times a day. she eats 2 meals a day. am wondering when can I feed her cow's milk? like fresh milk/ whole milk?

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I do not intend to stop formula milk at all. Have been giving my girl Friso Gold since young till now 6 years old and will keep giving until at least 12 years old? Because I drank formula when I was young all the way through primary school too. As long as it is any form of milk, I will not stop as long as she likes drinking since it is good for strong calcium and FM has other types nutrients added in.

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It’s safe to feed toddlers pasterurised or UHT fresh milk after they turn 1 year old. Personally I only started giving fresh milk to my daughter at 3.5 years old and it’s only once a day because she is still on formula (also once a day). And i still continue giving Step 3 milk and not Step 4 because I prefer lesser maltodexterine. If cost is a factor, then be rest assured that it’s definitely safe to give pasteurized or UHT milk.

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From 1 year old, you can choose to switch to a full fat cow’s milk/goat’s milk etc. Every parent has to decide what’s best, for me, I would switch as formula is expensive and not necessary. Kiddo should be getting nutrients from a varied, healthy solid food diet

u can start fresh milk once they turn 1, can opt to not give formula at all.

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