How often do you wash your kid's hands?

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Basta pag nakita kong naghawak sya ng toys or anything na madumi, I let him wash. Of course before and after kumain, or pag nakita ko nilagay yung hands sa mouth or any body part like nag scratch ng eyes or nose

Same here, before and after eating; after playing or whenever I see them hold something dirty, I immediately wash their hands.

Before & after eating saka after diaper change. Kapag nagsneeze sya, wet wipes and hand sanitizer.

Before sya kumain, after nya mag-wee wee or poop, at after nya mag-play ng toys nya. :)

Before and after eating. I sanitise his hands more. Especially when we are out.


after feeding, wake up, before bed, and when i feel like doing that 🤣

everytime she goes to the toilet for pee or poop and every before meal.

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Before mealtime, after mealtime, after playtime and frequently

Before/after eating, after nya magcrawl and pagchange diaper.

whenever hands touches the dirty floor mostly after playtime