Three months feeding frequency

How often should a three month old be drinking milk? My daughter can stretch each feed to four hourly now, and she never cries for milk. Each feed is about 120ml. Is it normal for her not to ask for milk anymore?

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At this age, babies will know when they're hungry. Some babies don't drink alot but can gain weight healthily. As long as she's growing normally with gd number of wet diapers don't worry. My boy used to drink 180ml every 3 hrs at 3-4months but he was still in the 25% weight. My niece drinks 120ml every 3 hrs but is in the 75% for weight. But my PD wasnt too concerned cz my boy was growing well at 75% height, cld be genes frm my husband. So, if u have PD appt, may want to check with ur PD for reassurance.

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10mo ago

This is reassuring enough to tide me over till my next PD visit. Thank you!