How much screen time should be allowed per day on mobile phone for 2-5 yr olds?

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I allow mine who is 5 to use but limit maybe 30 mins or 45 mins per session and he gets 1-2 sessions per day Always emphasise the distance between eyes and screen The brightness on screen etc etc I personally feel that they do get to learn quite a bit on educational apps and eye hand coordination. Basically everything has to be done in moderation. If restrict, later when they grow up... they will want it more or get addicted because they feel that they are deprived from it Educate the disadvantages and advantages rather than forbidding them Teach them rather than disallowing is my point of view

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2-5 year olds should not be using the screens as a way to stimulate a distraction, in my opinion. I'd save it until they are old enough to know the uses of mobiles and electronics, and not when I can't watch over them when they're young. But if you cannot do this for some reason, I'd limit the time 60 mins a day, 20 minutes per session 3x a day during important tasks and errands I have to do that requires my full attention (making breakfast, lunch and dinner for example).

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Call me old-fashioned, but I don't think children should be given mobiles phones at all. At least, not till they turn 10. I know it's really tough given the world we live in, but as responsible parents, we must practise some restraint. Besides, there's so much I keep reading about how mobile phones and e-toys can affect children emotionally and psychologically. Here's one such article:

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If it were my child, I'd definitely limit usage and keep it to a bare minimum. I'd rather them run around in the mud and explore nature than let them sit for hours with the tablet at such a young age. Studies have shown that prolonged use of mobile devices can lead to detrimental health issues in children because of exposure to microwave radiation (MWR). Also, it can also ruin their eyesight if they stare at the screen at a close distance for a prolonged time.

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As much as possible, my friends try to limit the screen time for their children. Usually, they will only hand their phones over to their children for 10-15 minutes each time. While they never stipulate how frequently that happened in a day, they estimate around 4 to 5 times. Sometimes when they are preparing food for their children or when they are driving.

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I wouldn't let my child use mobile phones or tablets. There have been incidents where the children racked up huge bills buying in game credits or items, either knowingly or unknowingly. It's also not good for their eyesight and concentration. I would surround her with books, blocks and drawing material for her to exhibit her creativity.

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It’s better to make them play outdoor in nature rather than trap them in virtual world.

maybe an hour


30-60 mn