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Hi all. How many teeth does your 1 year old plus have? Should i worry how many should my child have now?

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mine had 1st two around 7 or 8 mths.. then sort of slow down with another 2 at 11 mths.. but suddenly at 14 months, all start popping out. .. so it really depends on individual

my girl is 14 mths and few days. she had 7 teeths fully grown and 1 mre cming ot so a total of 8 teeth. she has her 2 teeth out at the age of 11 plus mths.


mine have about 7 at 1yo now 16 months 4 molar out total 13 teeth

My baby is 14.5 months old n her first tooth is coming out.

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I think it differs. My baby 15 months has 7.

Every baby have/grow their teeth at different age(months).. My girl only had her first tooth around 11-12 months... until she was almost 2 then one by one coming out, now 2 yet to have complete set of teeth.. 😁 She was eating well even with just 5-6 teeth(adult food), and it didn’t affect her speech development, she talks a lot..😆 If you are concern you can always check with your PD or a dentist. We have asked our PD before, he said it’s not a concern

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My lo grew her first tooth at 1 year old.. Now shes 18 mths old and some are still not fully out yet.. Its okay to me. . Doesnt bother her n she cn eat as per normal

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Thank you. My kid is 19mths and she has only 4 teeth. Mostof my friends' kids have almost full set of teeth.

Nothing to worry , my son had his first tooth at 13months.