How do u manage ur pumping session for ur first day of wrk at ur new job? How do u excuse urself for pumping? Where do u pump when there is no pumping room in e office?

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Ill tell my boss directly that i need to pump and to excuse me. If my superior does not allow i will not take up the job. As to me, whats more important. I made my priorities. So ill stick with it. Im very straight forward but thats just me. May not be the best option. Ill pump anywhere that has a socket and use a shawl to cover otherwise ill hand express. I have done it before hand expressing, was pretty easy and successful. Just my two cents.

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Thks for ur input I had informed my boss on my needs to pump at wrk.. There is a baby's room at my new office building, which i can pump over there...

6y ago

No worries, hope that your bf journey will be smooth sailing. Jia you!