How long does it takes for milk supply to dry up? Any signal? Please share! TIA

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Hi it depends on whether you slowly decrease the no of times you pump/latch or you just go cold turkey( stop completely) It is usually recommended to slowly decrease the no of frequencies you latch and it will take about 2 weeks. But there will still be some milk for a couple of months. But for me my doc asked me to go cold turkey as I was having some pains from breastfeeding and wanted to stop. It took only two days and most of the milk is gone. Still have a little milk which will sometimes leak out but basically after two days most of the milk is gone. It will feel very engorged for that two days but I survived with cabbage leaves and I avoided the hot shower water on my breasts. I have heard some people who tried to do it slowly ended up having a longer process of engorgment.

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If you dont latch. It will slowly decrease . If you want fast and efficient method . You got to buy the pill from doctor.. I heard its 50 per pill for 1 breast..

until you slowly drop your pump or latch. I got naturally dried up when my son stopped latching at 6.5 months.