How do you instil independence and a growth mindset within the child with this course?

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Carol Dweck coined the phrase "growth mindset" which refers to a disposition whereby one believes that traits such as talent or intelligence are not fixed but malleable and capable of changing. Her work has shown that students with fixed mindsets around intelligence tend to focus more and achievement goals--especially goals they know they can meet--than on learning. They are more defensive or defeatist when encountering failure because it they see it as a judgement on the whole of who they are. Finally, fixed mindset students are especially susceptible to drops in self-esteem and intrinsic motivation. Growth mindsets around intelligence, on the other hand, lead students to focus more on learning, especially in the face of difficulty, because they see learning as a way to grow. This leads students to develop mastery which in turn promotes higher self-esteem, intrinsic motivation, and learning. Fortunately, there are powerful--and sometimes surprisingly subtle--interventions that can help people who have a fixed mindset develop a growth mindset. And thats what the reggio emilia philosophy does - it aims to instil a growth mindset in both kids and teachers.

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