Nauseous towards Hand Sanitizer & Hand Soaps

How I wanna to sanitized or washed my hands if becoming nauseous towards it? Any suggestions...? Now I am in 9 weeks. I need to stay safe from Covid-19. #firstpregnancy

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Had the same problem in first tri. Changed the flavour of my soap instead. Was using Dove sensitive but changed it to fruity flavours as Dove feels softer on my skin. You Can try that too :)

You can try different brands to see what you can tolerate. I am nauseated with the smell of hand washes too so I just used normal bath soap to wash my hands. Whatever works for you :)

3mo ago

Thank you for your answer. Appreciate that. Stay safe always.

when i was in firsr tri, i had the same problem. i try to buy different brand or brand that smell lesser. but 2nd tri onwards everything was ok for me:)

I got the same prob smells make me nauseous so I bought cetaphil fragrance free soap abit ex but worth it cause it doesn’t smell