How can I tell if my baby is getting enough breast milk, since I can't count the number of ounces?

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To know if your baby has had enough, he/she should ideally have 7-8 wet/dirty diapers in 24h if he/she is below 3mo. Your breast(s) should also feel significantly softer after a feed. Try feeling your breasts before and after a feed. Some mummies do a weighted feed, meaning that weigh their baby before and after a feed to know how much they have drank. But that would mean that you need to purchase a scale but that is totally unnecessary IMO.

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There are few signs that you can referred to. If your baby is gaining weight well then your baby is getting enough. Secondly, as above mentioned wet and soiled diapers are good indicators too. Baby is active, alert and meeting milestones development are good signs too that your baby is getting enough milk from you.

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This is one of the frequent questions ask by all breastfeeding moms. You can tell that your baby is getting enough milk when your breast feel softer after nursing. That means your baby has emptied some milk. And also when your baby seems relaxed and satisfied after feeding that means she is getting enough milk from you.

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I personally think that your baby will let you know if she has had enough... She will unlatch on her own, will slow down in her suckling and fall asleep... At least from my experience. If she doesn't get enough, she will fuss and get annoyed until I offer her the fuller boob.

the amount of time you spend breastfeeding matters. try to lift up breast when baby is feeding to see if same has been drained. for me I try a minimum of 45 mins on each breast

As for me, there are two way to know if your baby is getting enough milk 1. If your baby looks satisfied after each feeding 2. Number of wet diapers per day

each feed should last him at least 2 hours. if he cries for more milk within 2 hours, it is a likely indication that he's not getting enough milk

check on the wet duapers and soiled diapers. these are indicators whether baby has enough. average 6-8 diapers a day woyld be ideal.

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That's if you up for that..if not watch the clock and see how long he usually takes to drink and then go about by how many minutes

The best is to check on number of diaper change. Pref shld be arnd 6-8 change per 24hour