How does one take out a good passport pic for a newborn? It's soooooo tough! My baby refused to stay still or look at the camera.

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Place your baby on a white bedsheet and snap it away. It's tricky but doable. Photo was taken within 5 mins. My daughter had her passport photo taken at one month old. Then pass the soft copy to photoshop to develop. Immigration officer will crop the photo accordingly. Please make sure there isn't any shadow seen in background of photo.

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Hi! I put her on my bed, as I had white sheets, and just snapped while jiggling a toy above her. They accept the photos as long as it’s a white background and are not too strict with creases at the back for infants. Do wear contracting colour clothes from the white sheets though.

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It's definitely not easy. We went to our Neighbourhood photograph shop to get Him to do it. Took 30 mins and he charged us $13. The shot we got was only so so - but it was the only shot where she was looking straight at the cam and we could see both ears (which is the requirement) :)

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Sorry to ride on this post..can I check if flashlight is allowed? Thank u!

I place my baby on a white sheet and snap it from the top. Perhaps I was the one taking it and she recognizes me, it made it easier for her to look into the camera. They are not too strict about infant photo so long as it's decent and against a white background.

My friend got her baby's picture taken at the photo booth in the ICA building and it was a pretty good shot. Mommy held on to baby while the photo was taken and the lady cropped out all the bits that didn't make the passport photo requirement.

Sit your loved one in front of a white bedsheet then hold from below (so can crop out later). Use a squeaky toy to get your LO to look at you if the sound of your voice doesn't work

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We lay baby on a white nappy cloth / blanket / bedsheet and take the photos with our hand phones. Edited with the app on ICA website. Super Easy and $0 involved