What should I do if the principal of my child's preschool is unprofessional?

My child is starting school soon and I had asked the principal to set up a virtual meeting with my child's teacher. During the meeting, while I was demonstrating milk preparation for my child as they have never prepared that type of powdered milk before, the principal and the teacher were talking and laughing among themselves. While I was explaining and when they were asking me questions or replying me, they were still laughing. I felt insulted and that they were being rather disrespectful and unprofessional. I had some concerns which was why I chose to keep quiet at that point of time. After the incident, I confided in my family and friends and they advised me to speak up about it as they agreed it was really inappropriate and unprofessional especially coming from the principal herself. Since I assume the principal is of the highest authority and I wanted to save her from embarrassment in front of her colleagues, I chose to send her a text message. I believe this also gives her time to reflect and correct her mistake with a sincere apology. However, the apology I received was less than satisfactory; it was insincere. She only apologised that her actions hurt me and that it wasn't her intention. Ending off, she wanted us to move on. She never admitted what she did was wrong, nor did she admit her unprofessionalism. And that moving on part seemed like she is inconsiderate of my feelings as it seemed she didn't cared if I accept her apology or not. From my point of view, the apology only reinforces her unprofessionalism. I am truly disappointed with her reply. Now, I'm concerned about the values my child would observe from the authority figures in the preschool. With a principal who doesn't admit her mistakes, who is disrespectful, who is insincere with apologies, it is extremely worrisome as a parent who is sending her child there for school soon. I'm really at lost and worried for my child. Am I being too sensitive? Or what should/can I do in this scenario? I would love to hear some advice. Thank you. #1stimemom #advicepls #theasianparentph #preschool

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