Any of your LO in MMI (Bukit Batok) playgroup? Any reviews about the environment, syllabus and teachers?

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This is the feedback given by my friend who sends her kid there since N1: "The standard varies over the years. My LO has been there for 3 years. It really boils down to luck on the principal n teacher your LO get. The current P is not bad. But I cannot say that of all the teachers in the centre. The previous 2 Ps didn't do a good job in ensuring good standard n along w high turn over of staff. So I find my LO below par to those in MOE kiddy. I feel that u have a better deal w ur LO in MOE kiddy. The only reason why I have yet to transfer my LO to moe kiddy is that I need a full time CC n LO current teacher is good. The curriculum looks good. No doubt. But in terms of preparing for P1, reading n writing is no good."

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5y ago

Hi Diana, I visited the cc few weeks ago. The centre manager showed us around..found the curriculum ok... supposedly the kids can read words by 3 yo, and kindergarten had math word problems to work on. Found it rather run down though but theyll be raising the fees next year. How're the teachers like? There is no P there, heard she left