Pls kindly share a review on mmi bukit batok csc club?

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playing too much? dont have to worry about that. my son is currently in K2 in MMI CSC. have been there since N1. their curiculum is pretty much up to the standards, where at the end of N2, the teacher will start to teach the students reading and K1 spelling for both chinese and english. They will start to learn what is addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in K1 as well as money concept. I would say their curiculum is well rounded and i dont think my son will lag behind when he goes to P1 next year. I have even enrol my daughter in PG this year

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I used to be member of CSC club in bukit batok and i use the gym facilities there quite often. While I don't know anyone who have enrolled their kids there, I've observed some activities the school has at times, and it seems like an enjoyable and fun place for the kids. Plus, the MMI brand is so popular and it resonates with innovation and excellence, I reckon it'll be a great place to enroll your child in.

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Thanks for the positive feedbacks. I believe it should be a fun place to go for ds. Just not sure how about their academic standards. Afraid they play too much and cannot adjust to primary 1.

mmi bukit batok csc looks like a good school from what i can see on fb. lots of pics of the kids baking, doing activities, plus no complaints online. The school looks very nice.