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Hi, any parents out there who have kids at Safari House Preschool @ Toa Payoh? Would love to hear views on the teachers and curriculum there. Please share your safari house preschool reviews.Thanks!

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My friend has placed her child, 4, at tpy Safari house. She is disappointed with their learning which they are supposed to be good at Coz they are linked to zoophonics. My friend felt that the teachers are not focusing enough on the phonics and strengthening on their learning as what the P told her, on their orientation at the place. However, child is happy with many friends there. Academic part aside, social skills is definitely a huge plus. safari house preschool review

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Oh! Thanks for sharing. When I was there during the centre tour, they kept emphasizing the academic rigor of their curriculum and said the work was 6 months ahead of the child at each stage and that the child would be more than prepared for p1. Looks like

Don't know anyone who enrolled their kids to the Toa Payoh branch but I do have a cousin who sent her daughter to the Bukit Batok branch. She likes that the school promotes phonics awareness in all their taught subjects like literature, maths, science etc -- referred to as zoo-phonics (so cute!). Teachers are patient, friendly and generally warm. Hope this information helps! safari house preschool review

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safari house preschool review - safari house preschool provides a very positive environment for children. The teachers are very friendly and passionate

safari house preschool review - Best preschool ever! Highly recommend