Hi mummies, do you have any experience delivering with Dr Ng Ying Woo of NUH? Thanks!

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I really like him! I was a subsidised patient so I didn't get to choose gynaes. I was rotated to him about 3 times during my pregnancy and he was very candid, honest and refreshing. He does water births and I was asking him if I should opt for one. He told me that many water births end up a C-section. I eventually had a normal vaginal delivery without epi. When I brought my baby back for check-up, he was SO HAPPY to see her and showed her off to the staff in the clinic, as if it was his baby. That was really sweet.

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One my friends did! Besides being highly qualified, Dr Ng is very friendly and patient. He knows his work really well and my friend, a first time mom, felt at ease under his care. Her baby came earlier than expected but she wasn't worried because he was very reassuring.