Hi Mummies. Any idea of baby boy name starts with I?? Hmmm Ivan and Ian is already taken my my family n friends . What wld u say?? Thank u.

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I have a colleague whose name is Illiad, which is the name of an epic poem about the Trojan War attributed to the ancient Greek writer, Homer. His parents are retired English professors and thought that the name Illiad is a strong and masculine choice for their son. I like it alot, myself. Irwin is also a name I like, it's of Celtic, Irish origins.

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I like Issac. Special and unique. Not alot of people with the same name. No idea on the meaninf though. I just like it. I chose names to my liking for my kids rather than meaning.

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irfan ishith imran illamaran iraianbu imthiaz illatharayan illachelian illayaraja iman

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Ivor, Isaac, Iggy, Irvine, Isaiha, Ike, Ibrahim, Izeckil, Indiana, Immanuel.

Ignatius. I use to have a classmate called ignatius. Very smart guy

Ilias, Immanuel, Ignace, Illan, Imanol, Ixion, Izod, Istvan, Izreal

Isaiah or Isiah (biblical though) Illias or Ilias Immanuel

Ivar like for Vikings, Ian (Yan) in French, Igor, Ivan

Lloyd,Louis,Lucas,Lachlan(pronounced as 'roc-Lan')

I love Ilham - which is Arabic for inspiration.